Ghanaians Did Not Support Me Like How They Supported Patapaa-Atom Reloaded

Atom Reloaded

Atom Reloaded has taken a swipe at Ghanaians, suggesting they are hypocrites and ungrateful because they failed to support him like they are supporting Patapeezy.

Last year, Hiplife artiste, Atom Reloaded cautioned Pataapa over his ‘One Corner’ song, which undoubtedly took over the country by storm.

According to Atom Reloaded, Pataapa should not be carried away by the ‘One Corner’ fame because this song will not last forever, adding that, Ghanaians will reject him like they did to him years back when his song “Y3 Wo Krom” was everywhere.

Atom Reloaded, who sees Ghanaians not rejecting Patapeezy anytime soon in an interview with expressed his disappointment in Ghanaians.

“After ‘Ye Wo Krom’ became popular, I didn’t get too comfortable with just that so I released other songs to be relevant in the industry. Even after all these efforts, Ghanaians failed to support me, no attention for my songs anymore, which I suspecting same will happen to Patapeezy but he is still on top because Ghanaians are still supporting him.

I released good and significant songs better than song Patapeezy released after his ‘One Corner” but still Ghanaians keep dancing to his songs. I think Ghanaians did not treat me well. But who am I to complain, I’m still doing my best”, Atom Reloaded disclosed to

Atom Reloaded is currently promoting his new song “3b3fa”.

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