Ghanaians Entreat parents to take Responsibilities of their Wards

Ghanaians Entreat parents to take Responsibilities of their wards
A section of Ghanaians in kasoa have entreated parents to take full responsibility of their wards.

Some parents who spoke to this reporter this morning, revealed that parents have legal rights over their children.
According to some of these parents, they said that as parents their important roles are to provide a home ,security, maintain and protect their wards from any harm.

“Train up a child the way, he/she should go and when he grows, he shall never depart from it”, they added.

Mr. Charles, a father of three children also expressed emphatically that parents must provide material and spiritual welfare of their children. They must also love their children in a responsible manner and provide for their healthy growth, and also must inspire their wards by their own life experience and must neglect to correct the child when he or she goes wrong.

He again mentioned that, parents are responsible to be the provision for their children in terms of food, clothing ,and shelter, medical among others.

They are equally responsible for providing best education and a Sound knowledge of their region as well as moral training for their children.
He also emphasized that ,parents are responsible for the child’s education, medical treatments ,the child up keeping and upbringing among others.

The parents urges all parents to provide healthy environments for their children and nurture them to be useful and loyal citizens, self supporting ,knowledgeable and practical member of the society and must never neglect to correct their fault.

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