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I have regretted threatening Ebony’s career–Bullet reveals

The manager of the late Dancehall artiste Ebony Reigns, Ricky Nana Agyeman, has expressed his regrets over some threatening comments he made about Ebony prior to her death.

According to Ebony’s manager Bullet, a few weeks before the tragic incident he made a statement which he stated that
he has the power to ensure Ebony makes it in her career or bring her down.

In order sense, he can bring her down or raise her up any time he wants depending on how Ebony behaves.

While answering a question on whether he thought Ebony was being ungrateful to him, Bullet had suggested that the singer could not be ungrateful because she knew he had what it takes to bring down her career.

Speaking to JOY NEWS, Bullet claimed it will be suicidal for Ebony to leave his label because he “made her” and can crush her career if the need be. He said:

“Ebony can never be ungrateful because I made her. I have the button to press to go up or to come down. If she becomes ungrateful, it is her own matter.” boasted Bullet.
But speaking in an interview on Kasapa FM on Tuesday, February 13, the Ruff Town CEO admitted that it was wrong of him to have made such comments.

“I have regretted saying ‘I can destroy Ebony’… I’m just human and I’ve no power to do that. The talent was given to her by God and I have no authority to say I will destroy her talent,” he said.

“I didn’t just lose my money invested in Ebony but an asset as well as a result of the accident,” he added.

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