‘Payola’ Is Not Wrong, Musicians Must Pay-Says Cafi Doma

‘Payola’ Is Not Wrong, Musicians Must Pay-Says Cafi Doma

Cafi Doma

As to whether it’s sensible for a musician to pay “payola” to radio presenters and DJ’s or not has taken a new twist as Cafi Doma has added his voice to this allegations.

Brong Ahafo’s hard working musician,Cafi Doma, has cautioned his colleague musicians to show appreciation to radio DJs and presenters because he sees nothing wrong in paying payola.

The “ODO” hit maker in an interview with IKE DE FARMER on Shalom 100.3 Fm was answering a question pertaining to whether he has ever paid payola before.

“Everybody want his or her song to be promoted so without motivating the DJ or the presenter how can your song be promoted well ?,there is nothing wrong with me showing appreciation to a DJ or radio presenter who has been promoting my song “, Cafi Doma answered on Shalom Entertainment monitored by

Cafi Doma further added that, “i have paid payola to DJ’s and it’s exceedingly good to pay. Just that you need to know the kind of DJ’s and presenters who can really do great work for you after taking the money”.

“I am not saying Payola should be championed,all I am saying is, payola is not what most of us think it is,I call it “Appreciation” and that paying a radio station to play your song is not payola”

Cafi Doma is currently promoting his new song tagged “ODO”

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