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Abuakwa North NDC: Supporters Of Richard Asare Has Declares Their Support Behind Kwaku Boateng KB



The Akyem Abuakwa North Constituency National Democratic Congress (NDC) members of Richard Agyekum Asare, the NDC Parliamentary aspirant who recently withdrawn from the contest due to alleged misconduct of some constituency executives of the party to throw his support behind Kwaku Asamoah Boateng also known as KB in the parliamentary elections, has accepted to join the campaign team of KB to win the contest

In an exclusive interview with the members, Umar Sterling the leader of the group disclosed that though they are in pains as their preferable candidate who is said to be Richard Asare Withdrawn and among the other two aspirants, they could see Edgar Kwaku Boateng KB as the parliamentary candidate means not only victory for the NDC in Abuakwa North Constituency but a sound one that can unites and awakens the spirit amongst members.

He said, We are not making empty noise for the victory of KB but we have killed ourselves for a candidate sometimes ago which yield nothing but division for the party and these time around we are very determined to unite all party members while canvassing for those on the fence together for a total victory

” We need to rally behind Someone who has conspicuously displayed great stewardship, understands what it means to manage people, and with resources to make the party in Abuakwa North Constituency more attractive and we can find all these qualities in Edgar Kwaku Boateng KB”

They finally appealed to the Constituency executives to which their misconduct allegedly led to the Withdrawals of Richard Asare Agyekum not to distract KB or trying to influence any party members neither putting any fear of sacking the branch executives nor suspending any for campaigning for the rightful person to lead the party if indeed they wants victory come 2024 general elections

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