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Apart From Armed Robbery, Doing Music Is The 2nd Most Dangerous Job In Ghana- Reggie Zippy



Former X Factor contestant and Virgin hitmaker Reggie Zippy has described doing music in Ghana as the second most dangerous job aside from armed robbery.

In a Facebook post, he said

If you’re an upcoming Ghanaian music artist reading this post right now, I WANT YOU TO QUIT DOING MUSIC IN GHANA and go learn a trade, go get some new vocational skills like Carpentry, Masonry, Hairdressing, Tailoring, or further your education in law, accounting, Engineering, Marketing or in Science.

Take my advice today and you will thank me in 10years time cuz apart from ARMED ROBBERY, doing music in Ghana is the 2nd most dangerous job you can ever do.

The GOVERNMENT doesn’t give a SHIT about you, GHAMRO will never work for YOU, Musigha is just for decoration and 99% of event organisers cannot pay you the thousands of dollars you expect now cuz they’re all bleeding especially after COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Please take my advice and go find a proper job to do because most of your favourite celebrities are surviving by crazy means and unconventional strategies that you may not have the heart to endure.

I have done music in Ghana and I am doing music in UK, I have seen the difference, if you don’t believe me go and look for your favourite artist who made some of the biggest hits just 10years ago, I mean in 2011 and ask him or her if they regret choosing Ghana music or not?🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

Please don’t deceive yourself and say the same God who did it for me will do it for you cuz even the producer who produced me and Castro and exposed us and other Ghanaian artists to the world has quit spending his money on Ghanaian artists.

Agiecoat Music, Goodies Music, Megastar Music, BigBen Music, Despite Music and Soul Records have all given up on Ghana music cuz they made woeful loses no one prepared them for.

Finally, my music Godfather was the late Ronnie Coches of BuKBak fame so if you think I don’t know what I am saying please feel free to try or continue and in the year 2031 God willing if we’re all alive we shall all meet here or you will remember this post on 21st JUNE 2021 and smile or REGRET for not taking my advice 🙌🏾🙌🏾.