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Atta Ghana Boy Releases Track List For His “MY TIME” EP



Music is the food for the soul so therefore, if it must be done, it should be done well.

For this reason, Atta Ghana Boy has recruited Patapaa on a song to entertain his fans while they anticipate the forthcoming External Playlist dubbed “My Time Ep”.

The Ghanaian-US based singer has been very instrumental when it comes to culture promotion at the west land.

Not long ago, he gave music lovers a reason to patronize reggae music made in Ghana when he introduced a rendition of his popular song ” Envy”.

Atta Ghana Boy at this time has rubbed shoulders with Patapaa to perform yet another banger for the enjoyment of music lovers.

According to him, he loved the style and flow of the Fanti rapper hence his recruitment. Patapaa is famous for his “one corner” hit tract.

He has also gained emergence at the Ghanaian music scene after inking lots of collaboration deals and marrying a white German lady.

Well, he is surrounded with quite a number of controversies and is well known across borders.

Atta Ghana Boy has revealed that among Patapaa and other great musicians has he employed on his yet to be released EP.

To make it a surprise, he has desist from disclosing these acts to the public but have asked the mass to be in expectation.

Check Out The Tracklists below :

1. My Time
2. Respect Me
3. Car Owner
4. Kooko
5. Me Do Wo Bi
6. Adi3 Ay3 Me
7. Very Sad