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Beef Alert: Sweet Adjeley hit back hard at Magrahab TV



Renowned culinary star Sweet Adjeley has recently fired back at fellow YouTuber Magrahab TV, addressing his remarks in a recent video that highlighted alleged slacking among Ghanaian food content creators. Magrahab’s challenge to Ghanaian food content creators to break Hilda Baci’s 100-hour Guinness World Record served as the catalyst for Sweet Adjeley’s spirited response.

In a compelling video shared on her channel, Sweet Adjeley took the opportunity to remind Magrahab of her remarkable achievement of reaching one million subscribers within a year. Expressing her disappointment, she emphasized the overwhelming support and celebration she received from her dedicated Sweet Team, contrasting it with the absence of visibility from Magrahab’s channel and page.

Sweet Adjeley boldly confronted Magrahab, asking, “Where were you when I hit one million subscribers? I didn’t see you on my channel or page. Where was the support?” Her words echoed a sense of longing for unity and solidarity within the Ghanaian content creation community.

As the first Ghanaian Food Vlogger from both Ghana and Nigeria to achieve such a significant milestone, Sweet Adjeley showcased her willingness to consider Magrahab’s challenge to break the Longest Food Cooking Marathon World Record. However, she emphasized that she would only embark on the endeavor if Magrahab could generate a similar level of enthusiasm and support that Nigerians exhibited for Hilda Baci during her record-breaking journey.

The reverberation of Sweet Adjeley’s empowering message throughout the social media sphere has sparked discussions about recognition and unity among content creators. Viewers eagerly anticipate the unfolding of this captivating conversation, curious to witness the next chapter in this compelling saga.

Watch the full video:

Written by: Keira-Terra Baaba Nhyira-Mensah