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It is becoming obvious that Black Music Entertainment (BME), is the most relevant and, presently the only record/management that is really out to discover talented musicians in Ghana.

The record label recently signed three new artistes(Kay Mena, Koby Brain, and Sky Gee) to their stable under a mouth watering contract which includes an incentive package of a brand new car. This alone sows that the music label/ management outfit is serious.

This kind of character exhibited by the company is rear or never happens in Ghana.

According to the C.E.O; Mr. McDonald Agugoesi when asked what informed his style of operation, he simply said, “music business is serious business and It is the norm all over the world to sign a musician, with an accompanying sign-on fees just as footballers”. Labels give musicians buildings as as incentives.

No record label should see it self as messiah, the business is give and take. You spend on the artiste and in turn generates income.

Record labels in ghana believes they are out to help the artists, hence don’t see the sense in paying artiste sign-on fees.

The sign-on fee is booster and propels the artiste to work harder.

We believe in doing the right thing by following international standards and the same standard will be adopted during our music distribution of all our artiste work so that artiste can be proud of their work and be happy for their sweat. Not to just depend on shows to make money.

Despite the fact that BME is here to discover new talents and maintain any existing artiste, we want to work with hard working artiste because a lot of money is expected to go into every projects.

Artiste presently on the label are Kay Mena; Afrofussion artiste, Koby Brain; rap, and Sky Gee; Afropop. The trio are working on their first project titled “PROCLAMATION” produced by one of Ghana’s ace producers,Possi Gee.