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Don’t Be Pressured By What You See On Social Media, It’s All Hype – DDT Advises



Social media has become the latest platform for people to exhibit their flashy and luxurious lifestyle which the majority are fake because some kinds of stuff are borrowed just to hit likes and followers.

This act is basically putting a lot of people under pressure especially females to the extent of some engaging in some activities just to get to that standard.

Well, music Producer cum song writer, Elijah Nortey Thompson (DDT), has thrown caution to the youths not to live life according to what they see on social media for their own good.

According to him, some of the things exhibited on social media in bid to look ‘perfect’ are unreal. He advised that the resources should be invested in something profitable rather that temporal pleasure. “spending too much time on social media and believing everything one sees on the various platforms can be harmful”, he said.

Rendering the piece of advice in a chat, he wrote: “In this age and time of intense pressure especially From Social media. Find the time to Log off. Have REAL life connections. Don’t feel pressured by the many lies you see, your worries are easier than that of many you may admire. Hang in there and Be patient with yourself

He further urged people to be patient with themselves as all hope is not lost regardless of whatever one is going through.