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Enough Of The Kumerica Trend, We Are Bring Back ‘Accranada Movement” – Says De-Exit



LAST year, the music industry witnessed a refreshing change with what could best be described as the ‘Kumerican’ invasion.

What started out as some young guys faking an American accent and trying to imitate an American lifestyle on social media soon grew into a movement with young rappers showing off their talent and winning hearts along the way.

And while they are being hailed for the imprint they are leaving on the industry, there are some who believe this Kumerican trend will soon die out.

The circumstance has prompted different towns emulating Kumasi’s crazy turn of events. Indeed, even the incomparable Accra is into this joke. It is now labeled as Accranada.

According to one of the finest Music duo in Ghana, De-Exit, they think the hype giving to these Kumerica guys is enough , according to them, it’s time the media pay attention to the new invasion in Accra, thus, they are lighting up the “Accranada” trend.

We don’t know why we should be comparing ourselves to the Kumericans when we should be proud of who we are and what we stand for in the Ghana. We are bringing back the Accranada movement and we are doing that through our songs” says De-Exit