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Kwasi Manni (Feat. Jasmine) – “Lets Jam”



Kwasi Manni has just released his brand new release, “Lets Jam”. This fresh track also features the unique vocal styling of the powerhouse singer Jasmine.

In “Lets Jam”, the artist explores a variety of different genres. In his musical journey, he plays with pop melodies and hooks, and merges them with a dancehall and afrobeat rhythm. On top of this, Kwasi also infuses his tracks with a reggae atmosphere. The melody and vocal performance from both artists is unique and even from just one listen you’ll feel inspired by their positive vibe.

The song has a distinctive summer vibe that is celebratory and upbeat. In times like these an uplifting and warming song like “Lets Jam” is just what we need!

What makes this song stand out in the industry is that Kwasi and Jasmine have electric chemistry together. If this wasn’t enough, Kwasi Manni also combines an old-school spirit with a contemporary and cutting-edge soundscape. The merging of these two worlds is what gives “Lets Jam” its one-of-a-kind energy.

In this number, Jasmine’s vocals are evocative and sensual, drawing the listener into the composition from the get-go. Kwasi also has ineffable charm and charisma that is impossible to forget. With his lyrical flow and vocals, he can immediately get a crowd moving and onto the dance floor.

The best part is that “Lets Jam” is the perfect addition to any party or get together. Once you hear the opening moments, you’ll immediately imagine beach parties or drinks with a bunch of friends. The energetic rhythm is immersive and will definitely add to the atmosphere of any event.

The production aesthetic of this release is modern and crisp. In this song, the instrumental is enhanced with afro-inspired drumbeats, claps, and other intricate layers. This gives the track a massive sound that is topped with the artist’s vocal arrangement.

Kwasi is a recording artist currently based in London. However, he is originally from Ghana and this diverse background has a strong impact on his performance style and approach to song writing.

Listen to Kwasi Manni and Jasmine new release “Lets Jam” on all major streaming platforms. Don’t forget to follow him on the platform to keep updated on brand new music!

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