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Lady Angie Takes The Best Gospel Artiste of the Year Plaque, Dangme Music Awards ’21



Last night at the 2nd edition of the Dangme Music Award held inside the Central University auditorium (Dawenya campus), Lady Angie hit the award scheme’s winner record as the “Best Gospel Artiste of the Year” by fair merits.

The Dangme Music Award scheme was co-established by iShoot Media and Hood Boiz Entertainment with the staunch objective to honour music creatives that are truly of Dangme origin. The scheme’s mission and vision is to market Dangme music professionals to the world and it does so with due managerial efforts that add meaningfulness to arts created by the Dangme.

Lady Angie was honoured with a plaque that bears her name and the title of the song that fetched her her win.

The winning song, “Ajoomi” (translated in English as “I’m Blessed”), hasn’t just been a song title, but also a real-life career experience —- having fetched an award that adds to the glory of Lady Angie’s brand image.

“Adzormi”, “Adepa”, “Yesu Baaloo”, “Okome too”, “Nyame Ye Odo”, “Me Mpae Bor” are other very good Lady Angie songs that are equally honour-worthy as “Ajoomi’ and also have the potential to catapult the songstress into higher places of honours or get her home and foreign gig calls.

Source info sealed in Team Angie’s secret box says Lady Angie is working on new singles in the studio right this month of which some will be released as first quarter singles next year to refresh her fans’ playlist.

Lady Angie can be chased on YouTube via any of these links on her very official channel.

Ajoomi :

Yesu Baloo :

… .PUBLISHED on 12th December, 2022.