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Meet New Fascinating Ghanaian Comedian And Actor, Atortor



Meet New Fascinating Ghanaian Comedian And Actor, Atortor

Today, Ghana boasts of several good comedy talents. In an industry like comedy where entertainers have to make people laugh whenever on stage or acting, choosing the best among comedians is not easy.

The good thing about Ghanaian comedy is that you don’t have to go to a show to see your favourite comedian. Most comedians have embraced social media where they crack up their followers every other day. New acts have been pioneers in the shift to digital media, gaining a huge following in the process and comedian Atortor is one of them.

Been a Comedian in Ghana is not an easy work, but with God`s grace, determination and the passion Atortor has, there is nothing stopping him from achieving the ultimate. As a comedian, Atortor has made it clear through his outstanding art that comedy is the last true form of free speech.

His impressive talent has seen the young comedian been granted interviews by some of the nation’s finest media personalities.

In fact, Atortor is doing very well for himself. You can follow him on all social media handles for more of his shorts skits.

Facebook : a.t.t atortor
Twitter : @attatortor
Instagram : @Atortor
YouTube : Atortor GH

Watch some of his videos below :