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MR. S Unveils Tracklist for Highly Anticipated ‘AKWAABA’ EP



Ghanaian music sensation, MR. S, has just released the tracklist for his upcoming EP titled ‘AKWAABA’. The EP is set to feature five tracks, each showcasing the artist’s unique blend of Afrobeats and highlife music.

The tracklist includes the songs “Body Fire”, “Ur Love”, “Let Me Know”, “Go Low”, and “Me ndaada wo”. Each track promises to bring a fresh and exciting sound to the music scene, with MR. S’s signature catchy melodies and infectious beats.

In addition to his solo tracks, MR. S has also collaborated with some of Ghana’s hottest talents on the ‘AKWAABA’ EP. The project features appearances from rappers Amerado, Cabum, and V2G, adding an extra layer of depth and variety to the music.

The production on the EP is also top-notch, with credits going to O Music, Jay Beat, Beat Bear, Harpsi Beat, and Ital Music. The combination of talented producers and skilled musicians is sure to result in a sound that is both dynamic and fresh.

Fans of MR. S can expect the ‘AKWAABA’ EP to drop soon, and it is set to be a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the best of Ghanaian music. With its diverse range of tracks and impressive lineup of featured artists, ‘AKWAABA’ promises to be an exciting addition to MR. S’s discography.

Stay tuned for more updates on the release of ‘AKWAABA’, and get ready to experience the electrifying sound of MR. S’s latest musical endeavor.