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Nana Boroo Pays Ghc10,000 To Make Peace With High-life Legend, J.A. Adofo



Ghanaian High-life and Afropop musician, Nana Boroo and the sons of legendary High-life musician J.A Adofo have finally smoked the peace pipe after going head-to-head with insults over Nana Boroo’s ‘Fine Boy’ song.

Jackson Alfred Adofo, the son of J.A Adofo felt Nana Boroo’s Fine Boy’ song is a complete rip off of his father’s song he did several years ago and felt the artist was making money out of a song his father worked hard to produce.
In a video shared on social media, Adofo Jr. told musicians to be hardworking and create their own legacies rather than being lazy and sampling music from old school.

In the video he was seen playing the two songs separately to further prove his claim that Nana Boroo indeed stole the song from his father.

“Don’t use your will to do anything you want. Someone has worked hard to produce music and you want to use his hard work to feed your pockets.

Nana Boroo claims the song is from his creative prowess as an artiste but the fans of my dad please listen to both music and judge for yourself.

Why won’t you work hard and create yours? You are always sampling music from the old school into your music and that is not good,” he said.

He decided to sue Nana Boroo to teach him a very lesson and deter others from repeating the same ‘offence.’ The ‘Aha Ayede’ hit maker also called their bluff and told them to prepare for the legal battle.

However, in a fresh development, it seems the pair have buried the hatchet as Nana Boroo and Adofo himself plus two of Adofo’s sons, Alfred and Reuben posed for the camera in a post sighted on their social media page.

Maybe money has exchanged hands-you can’t tell.

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