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Osono Africa – Our Day -(Mixed By Nigelbeatz)



Osono Africa, a Ghanaian musician musician, has recently released a new track titled “Our Day.” Produced by Agenda beat and mixed by NigelBeatz, the song is an upbeat and energetic fusion of Afrobeats and highlife music. The lyrics of the track revolve around the celebration of a special day and the desire to have fun and enjoy life with loved ones.

With its catchy beat, infectious chorus, and vibrant instrumentation, “Our Day” is a song that is sure to get you up and dancing. The track also features a catchy hook that is easy to sing along to, making it an ideal anthem for any special occasion or celebration. Overall, “Our Day” is a delightful and entertaining track that showcases Osono Africa’s versatility and talent as a musical ensemble.

Osono Africa – Our Day -(Mixed By Nigelbeatz)

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