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Choirmaster’s Talent Is Bigger Than Praye

Kumi Kasa



Upon my research i made since Choirmaster went solo all the singles he has been releasing seems to confirm that the “Hook me up” hitmaker is one talented icon we shouldn’t joke with at all in the music industry.

His latest single “double up” says it all. Music lovers of Praye wish joining the group back would be fine but i think he’s bigger than the group, I’ve seen that he is expressing more talent than he was in the group (PRAYE) I think his days with the group restricted him and I never knew.

Choirmaster can rap till i heard his single obsession and that changed my perception totally about his unique talent. I think he is the most successful solo artist out of the group in terms of how fast his singles like Ghana’s most beautiful and pull him down quickly rose him to the top, its about time we highlight this talent before we loose it like we lost Reggie and bollie.

Though the other guys (Tintin & Tietia) are forcing, I now realise that choirmaster was the engine behind Praye. And joining the group would have been nice though, but i think his versatility doesn’t make you feel any bordom, but rather keep you enjoying his works whenever u stream his songs.