“Ghanaians Will Give NDC The Mandate To Fix The Economic Hardship” – Former President Mahama

Former President, John Dramani Mahama has stated that, Ghanaians will give the National Democratic Congress, NDC another chance to manage the states affairs due to the inconsistent economic situation in Ghana.

The National Democratic Congress, NDC lost to the governing New Patriotic Party, NPP government by 44.4%-53.9% in its endeavour to solve the sluggish economy of Ghana.

According to His Excellency, Former President John Mahama, he’s certain that the National Democratic Congress, NDC will be handed another opportunity to redeem Ghanaians from the economic hardship under the President Akuffo-Addo lead NPP administration.

“I am sure that NDC will be given another chance because wherever you go in the country people complain of the hardship.”

John Mahama indicated categorically that, during the National Democratic Congress’ tenure in government, there was rapid development in infrastructure and a gallon of petrol cost 14 cedis. But in recent times, a gallon of petrol cost 26 cedis.

“During NDC’s period in government, we see rapid development interms of infrastructure . When we were in government they said there was hardship and at the time petrol a gallon was 14 cedis and today it is 26. At some places it is 25, and other places 24.”

Former President John Dramani Mahama stated that, Ghanaians have seen the pinch and the National Democratic Congress will definetly assume power in 2020 to relieve Ghana from some of the hardship it citizens are facing now.


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