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My Take On Eastern Music Awards Nominees Jam-Eminado

I have been quietly observing an on-going brouhaha between organisers of Eastern Music Awards(E.M.A) and the East side musicians over some “no payment,no performance”saga after a write-up made by a blogger called Kumi Ransford.

Looking at this issue from the perspective of the Orgainsers of the Eastern Music Awards,the award is purposefully organised to give opportunities to musicians in Eastern Region.Performing on the night as an up and coming artiste will give you much exposure and “hype” since alot of people both within and outside Eastern Region will be coming to withness the event.Artistes performing on the night will extend their fan base after being able to give massive performance to win hearts of the audience.
Again,up and coming Arts who are talented but not well recognised will be given the mileage to sell their brands on the Nominees jam night.

Base on these point,my question is,do you expect the orgainers to add money after giving you(musicians) all these opportunities?????


Anyway,lets keep our answers to ourselves.And taking it from the perspective of the Eatern Region Musicians,it is true the award aims at promoting artistes from the East-side but the question is “How do we feel proud of this event if the organisers “use” us as money juncture to take money from organisers for their selfish reasons”?

I know the musicians are not demanding much but a little amount which wouldnt make them feel “used” will bring all this brouhaha to an end.

The organisers have huge sums to pay “invited”Arts,MC’s ,DJ’s and others but claim there is no “kobo” to pay only up coming artistes in Eastern region.Why ?

We know the only excuse you can give us is..”it is the maiden edition” but lets not forget the adage which says..”what one begins with is what one ends with”.If we the musicians do not stand and defend our rights,we will always be “used” to satisfy other peoples selfish interests.still #Nopayment,no performance#.

My people,this is the heated on-going argument between up and coming Eastern Region musicians and the Organisers of E.M.A.what is your take on this,who do you agree with????.

By Eminado

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