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Antwi Galey Set To Release New Song Featuring Zeal Of VVIP



Do You Remember Antwi Ne Antwi? Here comes Antwi Galley.

Antwi Galey is set to release an inspirational song on June 2, 2022. The song is suited for the youth and all those who are striving to make ends meet. The song is titled ‘I Make’ Wild’ and it is a danceable tune and very motivating. The song features Zeal of VIP and VVIP fame. The coconut seller, the watse seller, the shoe shine boy, the banker who is working for long hours can all relate to the song.

Antwi Galey is the half duo of Antwi Ne Antwi. We remember them for hits like Uncle Ebo and Sekina. According to sources, the other half member is in the United States of America. Antwi Galey has decided he will make wild as a solo artiste under the famous Goodies Music Label to make a resurgence to the music industry.
This is a welcome relief for all music lovers who like good music. This year, Antwi Galey has make wild. We are all wild in anticipation of this release.