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Akon Had A Deal For Ebony Bigger Than US $100,000 – Manager Bullet Speaks



The murky issues with Ebony’s demise doesn’t seem to end. It keeps trending with more new information anytime her name comes up in the media.

Abeiku Santana, host of Drive Time on Okay 101.7fm was on interview with Bullet (of RuffnSmooth fame), who managed Ebony; Abeiku was interviewing him on issues relating to the artiste’s demise and a social media post (comments) from the Zylofon CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah, that caused an outrage on social media.

We culled info from the interview and this was what the Manager said.
According to Bullet, “Ebony’s personal savings alone are more than US $100,000. Seeing Ebony’s brand and what she’s proved now, can anyone say she’s worth that money? US$100,000 is no even money.
If it’s claimed she wants a bail out, what sort of bail out is it? She’s an artiste who dictates to me and the Management group what she wants done for her, so why was the impression created as if she was under some problem? She was on her own free will, she had that freedom to make certain decisions.

If God has privileges her to shine trough me, it doesn’t mean I own her. She has parents, she has a family. Ebony never said she was gonna leave the record label. She will never say that. It’s even a disrespect to Ebony’s brand to say she was doing something (business) in secret with anyone (without my knowledge).

Ebony herself said several times that at the peak of her career she was going to die. But the prophecies many of these pastors are claiming, most of them never contacted me as they’re claiming in the media space.”

On her music career, Bullet added that, “Ebony wrote a lot of songs by herself. She was young and needed direction so I had to come in and help her prune her craft in writing commercial music. Her dad loved Reggae but I introduced Ebony to Dancehall. I’m not a Dancehall artiste myself but I groomed her to fit that space.”

He also said that her visit to her Mum’s place was not known to Management. Meanwhile, a one week commemoration this Sunday at St. Martin De Porres School, Bullet said.