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Being Independent Is Tough – Rison Jeneral



Western Region based afropop singer, Rison Jeneral admits it is quite tough for an artiste to work independent without a record label.

The musician who was speaking on working on his own stated, “It’s not easy. I would love someone to push money in [funding] me, all I have to do is just write songs and how it gets to the last person in some village wouldn’t be my headache. I have to do all of that. I do my videos sometimes. I record some of the videos and put them online. It’s not easy”.

It is nice being with a record label because they will do all the behind the scenes work, managed the business aspect of the music and all that.”

Now without a label, I have to handle everything on my own. It is tougher but it is also more exciting because they is nothing like working on stuff for yourself and seeing it unfold in front of you. It is the most amazing feeling.”

he admitted that it was a bit tricky for him to find his way in the industry without a label. “I am a fighter. When I started it was a bit tricky because this wasn’t something I had done before but once I got the hang of it, that was it,” he said.

The singer who has found a new sound is out with a new single titled, “Kaa Laka Mi” which features Afrobeat sensation Afrifa