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Biography, Lifestyle And Music Carrier Of Samuel Dodd, The Highlife Artist



Samuel Dodd populary known by the stage name S.Dodd; is a highlife musician, songwriter, businessman and a great philanthropist based at Bawjiase in the central region.

He commenced basic education and early life at Bawjiase, but later moved to Accra due to improvement in education and life betterment. He developed interest in Daddy Lumba (Ghanaian highlife Musician) at early stage, He started following and learning songs of the highlife musician which also generated his passion for music.

He completed Modern Business College (Mobisco)-Accra in the year 2003 of which He was elected as an assistant prefect at his time. Dodd had an opportunity to enter IPS after Mobisco but failed, as a result of lack of financial support from his mother since the father was not back yet from Liberia at that time, since 1991.

Samuel Dodd decided to find his way out when He noticed the mother was weak in support, after his college education. He had a passion to help the needy so He joined many non-governmental agencies like; (HIV/AIDS Campaign Group, Caring Club, etc) and worked with them for free without taking any salary.

He later realized to make some personal changes in his life for more improvement and successful future. He stopped working at the Non-governmental Agencies and started working at Happy fm as a marketer and Disc Jockey for some time, with the main aim of knowing much about entertainment since He wanted to become successful and a great highlife musician like Daddy Lumba, who happens to be His role model.

According to Samuel Dodd, throughout his one year at the marketing department at happy fm, he only got one(1) Advert for the station. Which means, He never took it lightly.

Accra life became tough at some point. Fortunately, He met one prestigious local Bawjiase chief (Nai Kwao Otuo) who was very supportive to him. This had influence on Dodd which made him moved totally from Accra to Bawjiase for settlement, since life in Accra was backfiring.

He had a lot of experiences in how to deal with chieftaincy issues, quarrelling resolving, Meetings with highly ranked, elites and prestigious personels, errands running etc.

He learnt a lot of which womanizing was never left out. During all this, He managed to save and gather some capital to start up a minor business. Dodd is in his early 30’s, happily married to Madam Emelia in the year 2011 with three(3) children.

He met his wife when busy womanizing, but love changed him to put stop to all uneccessary acts. Samuel’s inlaw was a chop bar businesswoman which made him and the wife to be supportive, but He later stopped being supportive so as to focus on his pure water business, even though they were earning small small from the chop bar business.

Dodd decided to enter into pure water (sachet water) business with mobile water company, after he succeeded in affording a second hand motor kia for delivery.

He later moved from Mobil water to Goodness drinking water at Bawjiase after the company was successfully established. According to Dodd, He was the first person to introduce Goodness drinking water to the people of Bawjiase for the first time.

Through this pure water business and management, Dodd now owns a container and skills training center. Training tailor’s and seamstresses, Bakeries, Hairdressing etc. He also got assistant from some Mp’s, since he was a political affiliated member. He’s been able to graduate over eighteen(18) bakers, five(5) hairdressers and so on.
Dodd has an ambition of owning a charity home and many more to help the society.

Samuel Dodd paused his music career for some years due to some sabbotaggers and fallbacks, but resumed after He was surprisingly amazed and convinced by the public over a campaign song He made recently for Hon.George Andah in the year 2020.

Dodd is hardly working and doing amazing songs currently with the aim of not just making his fans happy, but moving Ghana higher. Search all his works on Google or visit: for all his best works and results.

Currently, Dodd is an officially signed artist under ®Realers Media House. Kindly stay tune for all quality and best updates. Thanks.