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Eastern Region Welcomes Another Awards Scheme “5star Eastern Entertainment & Business Awards”



The Eastern region of Ghana will once again experience another Awards scheme dubbed “5star Eastern Entertainment & Business Awards” eVENT HOUSE GHANA.

According Organisers of 5star Eastern Entertainment & Business Awards,it is going to be an annual event that will put spotlight on Eastern Musicians, businesses, Film makers, Sports and Media personalities as well as offer a unique opportunity for them to compete in various categories of the award scheme.

Organisers however indicated that, the 2nd edition of 5star Eastern Entertainment & Business Awards 2022 will concentrate on honoring persons who have made immense contribution and aided in the development of the entertainment industry in the year under review in Eastern region.

They finally divulged that, distinguished personalities like Radio DJ’s, Radio Presenters, Promoters, Musicians,Bloggers,Reporters and many others who have positively contributed to the sound growth of the entertainment industry in Eastern region will be awarded.

Below are the various categories for the awards.