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Georgina Osei Trending With New Song “Speak To Me”



Georgina Osei Poised To Make An Impact In The Gospel Fraternity.

We introduce to you gospel singer GeorginaOsei. She is a gospel musician who has been blessed with enormous talent and she is known for making people accept Christ through her ministry.

Georgina Osei has been around for quite a long time , blessing people with her God given talent through her songs.

She has been making major impacts with her songs both here in the Ghana market and in the International scene which has attracted more followers to her by the Grace Of God.

Georgina Osei’s name will most definitely be mentioned if I were to ask you to list out your top 5 gospel artistes that you know of.

Georgina Osei has love for God and believes God loves her and has mandated her with Prophetic, Gospel Song Ministration and Benefactress, promoting young talents and seeking God’s children for it is written “He who wins souls is wise” in the book of proverbs 11:30.

Georgina Osei’s biggest prayer and deepest wish is to see her music minister and change lives that can make lots of impact on society in a godly way.

She started singing since her infant, and has been in choirs and in singing bands both in schools and in church.

She matured to be a solo artist who started ministering in different churches that invited her for their various activities.
She is versatile when it comes to singing, dynamic and led by the Holy Spirit to compose her own songs as well.

Georgina is currently making waves with her new song “Speak To Me” . Check it out