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I know Gospel Musicians Who Takes Alcohol- Akosua Agyapong



Veteran musician Akosua Agyapong has hinted that drinking alcohol is common among secular and gospel musicians.
The artiste stated that she knows some gospel musicians who drink a lot but failed to mention names to confirm her claims.

She made the revelation while speaking on Hitz FM on Monday evening with Dr Pounds.

She was using the platform to advise entertainment or showbiz stakeholders to desist from taking hard drugs and drinking alcohol, which she said is not just harmful to their health but also to younger ones in society who are watching these artistes.

“Sometimes when even they are performing they are intoxicated. They sometimes get drunk before the climb stage. It’s disturbing,” she said.

“I’m begging them to stop. It is 2018 … God loves music. Sometimes people go to church not because they are going to listen to the word of God but because of the lyrical content of the song a gospel musician comes to sing. There are people who sleep in church when the pastor is preaching but when the music starts they will get up and dance. So I am pleading with the singers, actors and actresses, fashion designers, etc, they should make this year a different one because some of the children see you as their role models,” she added.

Akosua’s revelation follows in the lines of last year’s claims that some Ghanaian artistes pay bribe for awards. It seems to suggest that the country’s gospel musicians do not live upright lives as crusaders of the gospel.