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As most musicians crave to carve out a name in one music genre and be known for it; Collins Acheampong, popularly known as K Junior in social life is the walking definition of “Versatility” in the music industry. The talented K Junior is a Ghanaian Highlife and Afrobeats singer-songwriter. He also doubles as a guitarist and record producer. His versatility does not end there; K Junior is also known for his impressive sound designing talent.

K Junior discovered his passion for music at an early age. He got addicted to Country music, Jazz and Blues. Kojo Antwi was also an inspiration to him as he enjoyed singing along to popular Highlife songs by the said music guru and the likes. With time, he began to develop an inexplicable passion for Kwabena Kwabena’s music and flair.

Versatile K Junior had at this point gotten so immersed in Ghanaian music and the twists and fulfilment it came with to an extent that all he could see himself do is tour the world and bring Highlife music and African music in general to the masses around the world, following the steps of legends like Richard Bona.


For music lovers who enjoy listening to the inspirational and reality-based music; K Junior’s lyrics and compositions are inspired by personal life experiences and trending topics. With words, he manages to paint the world and its accompanying realities in a musical picture. Being keen on melodies, K Junior merges other genres like the Amapiano, Hip Hop with Highlife music being the foundation of his productions.


K Junior has been tagged, unopposed, as the first person to merge the Amapiano and highlife genres in a song – Mansa. A new combo many artistes are joining in.

“Mpotompoto” and “Heart disk” among others are a couple of songs released by K Junior which proved that he was up to the task in delivery more than what is expected.

His latest hit song “MANSA” won the hearts of many and become a trending topic. Especially those from the diaspora. The song was produced, written, mastered and mixed by K Junior himself and recorded by Colla Studios.

K Junior aims to be the first Highlife musician to win a Grammy and hence works tirelessly to hone his craft.


Provided by Apprise Music Distribution

Written By Akua Karle Okyere