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Meet One Of Ghana’s Fast Rising Comedian,TONY KASANO



Tony Kasano as he is fondly called is a born comedian. Those who know him outside his family consider him a ‘clown’; he is so humorous, that anything he says will crack your ribs.

Tony Kasano who has just began to venture into comedy, is already a veteran in using various social media platforms to showcase his craft.Also showcasing life relating but funny stories .While his content has proven to be resourceful and versatile, he does draw inspiration from one comedic legend in particular.

Tony Kasano has been first on his share of ideas though, and with his own catalogue of quality material growing by the day, he has the potential to one day be the source of inspiration for those who wish to do the same for years to come.

He is capable to entertain and ensure that broken families are even reconciled through his jokes. Ghana can once again shout with joy because a new comedian has emerged.

Watch his comic scenes below