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Moving To Accra Doesn’t Guarantee Success As A Musician-Kwaku Flick



Rapper Kweku Flick, real name Andy Osei Sarfo has shot down claims that for an artiste to be successful in Ghana, he/she is supposed to stay or move to Accra to be successful.

According to him, as a musician, you can be staying anywhere in the country and let your work do the magic for you and not necessarily move to the country’s capital to blow as some people say it.

Using himself as an example, he noted that he has been in Kumasi all his life and when he dropped his song ‘Money’ it became one of the most listened-to songs in the country and all happened without him going to Accra.

He said: “To me, I don’t see it that way because where I was located in Kumasi it was in the hinterlands before I dropped my song money but I was able to blow.”

Speaking during an interview, Kweku Flick noted that moving to Accra is a choice because there are musicians who are staying in Accra and still finding it difficult to blow to release a hit song.

“Moving to reside in Accra won’t guarantee your breakthrough but it’s business and so when you come here to stay in Accra it’s your choice,”

“But it shouldn’t be by force that as a musician you have to reside in Accra because there are musicians in Accra who are also struggling to enter the scene but are unable.

“Not everyone in Accra has been able to make it because there are those struggling to get a breakthrough the same way others in some regions are also pushing,” he ended.