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New Record Label ‘Richmenz Recordz’ Takes Over Ghana Music



New Record Label ‘Richmenz Recordz’ Takes Over Ghana Music

Richmenz Recordz have been around for a while and have earned itself a solid reputation amongst records labels in the country owned by Mr Richard Frimpong.

Richmenz Recordz is a talents management and entertainment company registered under the laws of Ghana. The company prides itself in churning talents into big artistes and bringing unbeatable entertainment to our clients. We have seasoned personnel from various backgrounds who are dedicated to ensuring nothing but quality is delivered .

Richmenz Recordz is to provide young people across Ghana and worldwide with the venues, resources and support they need to fulfil their potential as musicians and enrich their communities with their music.

In an interview with the CEO of Richmenz Recordz, Mr Richard Frimpong, he said “Our aim is to support artistes to distribute their music, make music videos, match artistes with brands and other artistes, and help to record and create new musics”

Artistes signed under Richmenz Recordz are Kofi Reshio, Kizwan and Ab3 Styler. Despite having three artistes, Richmenz Records seem to be on the lookout for music artistes to sign.

Contact the CEO of Richmenz Recordz Mr Richard Frimpong on +233245986720