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The Western-North music industry is growing very rapidly with great performances from artist when they are been given the stage. Artist from the Western-North are super talented and are even doing better than some of the popular musicians in different regions but they do not get the aim and are not been recognised.

Exclusively for most artist from the Western-North region keeps on crying for the public to know of their dying talent as musicians. Records proves that over 100 artistes are doing commercial songs but only few are able to afford the cost of recording songs because 98% of these talented artistes do not have good managers and people to invest in their carrier. When an artist want his or her song to be recognized or heard,he or she needs Quality promotion, interviews and good publications which most artist can’t afford that standard.

Sharing their deep thought with , they calling for massive support to enable them to push their talents high. Western-North musicians are really raising high the flag of the Ghana in foreign countries. Some of these talented artistes are; winner of TV3 talented kids, DJ switch, Nana Tattoo,Owen Glitz ahuofe Gh ,Mandam Yopic, kwasi amewuga, one rep Africa, king virgin, Ananase tac, Galantula, osaberima, JoJo Flash, Pee Ronny, Akingdick, Brizzle pounds, Radikal, kojo luda, Kwabena lyta, , and many more.