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Oxhigin ft Kwesi Solja – OverDose



Francis Seyram popularly known by his stage name as OXHIGINE is an afropop and afrobeat singer who hails from Dzita-Agbledomi in the volta region of Ghana.

He is well known for his amazing talent when it come to afropop and afrobeat.

Most fans call him the afro king for how good he is when it come to such a genre in the music industry.

Oxhigine featuring Kwesi Solja has released a new single titled overdose and people are jamming to it already.

In this song, the artist said stated his view strongly on how people should express love in return to those who showed them love with same energy.

He stated, loving overdose is expressing love in aboundanc and pointed it out that in a relationship, when your man loves you and show you care, despite the lot of suiters that will come around, it is just right to spoil your man also small by showing him love back in aboundanc.

Love conquers all he say, and therefore we should make people around us feel it.

Follow him on all social media handles @Oxhigine and enjoy his wonderful and amazing music.

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