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QUEEN AYELEY-JANE’s. Music Infuses R&B And Reggae With Sweet Gospel Harmonies



Born and raised in Ghana, Naa Ayeley grew up in a home filled with musical talents. Her great-grandmother was a songwriter, her grandfather was a musician and a songwriter, who formed the Adzo Culture Troup many years ago. This was an African singing and dance group. Naa Ayeley’s mom was also one of the lead singers and a dancer. 

Music has always been part of her life growing up. She was introduced to all kinds of genres from the 60’s to the 90’s when she was very young. This exposure included musical shows and movies.

Naa Ayeley’s love of different types of music as well as her strong presence in the church helped shape her as a singer and composer.

Naa Ayeley joined her then church choir when she was very young. She believes that is where her love for God and gospel music started.

At an early age, she started composing music and, in her teens, she began writing music.

In her late teens, she joined Talents Theater Group, an acting group, performing on stage and featured roles in movies and tv commercials in Ghana. Naa Ayeley joined a live band as one of the lead singers, and also a backing vocalist at DKB Studios (David Kwamena Bolton’s studio)

Her journey didn’t stop there. She is currently the music, stage plays, and dance director of Christ the King Presbyterian Church. Naa Ayeley also enjoys her role as a youth teacher, helping children grow in their faith and love of God.

Naa Ayeley founded and formed the singing groups Voices and a Vessels 4 Christ Youth Singers comprised of adults and teens.

Sbe first entered the industry with, “Never Give up on God” which was produced by Kweku Mensah in November 2020.

She later followed up with “Open Your Heart”,, “Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year” which where all produced by DDT.

Currently her 4th single “I’m Not Gonna Worry” produced by DDT is set to be released on the 17th of April.

She was nominated at the GHANA MUSIC AWARDS, USA for US Based Discovery Act of the Year 2021.

Her vision is to put her faith in Jesus Christ into action and proclaim his word through music.

She thanks God for bringing her this far, and thanks God for using her to speak to his people through music.

She can be reached at,
Instagram: @queenayeleyjane
Facebook: Queen Ayeley-Jane
YouTube: Queen Ayeley-Jane
WhatsApp number: +1202-413-2972