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Radio Presenters In Eastern Region Exposed



Award winning Owoahene Kwabena Acheampong of Koforidua based Bryt 99.1 Fm has expressed his stink and feelings about radio presenters and the media fraternity in Eastern region as a whole.

Owoahene Kwabena Acheampong who couldn’t hide his feelings took to a micro blog Facebook to express a stiff sticky revelation about radio presenters in Eastern region,thus, he posted

I’m a media practitioner. I practice in a region called Eastern. I have practiced in the region for fourteen (14) years.

I have seen and learnt a lot during this period. I feel like sharing some few things I have observed over the years.

Am I moving out of the region? I don’t know

Am I retiring from the media job? Is that possible now

Anyway, in this region where I work, media practitioners talk a lot but act less, we pretend to love but hate a lot.

Since December 2004, I have witnessed more than three failed attempts to form a Union of broadcast journalists.

Thankfully 2014 gave us a different story to tell. Presenters Association of The Eastern Region (PATER) was formed. (To be discussed another day)

In my region, social media is used largely to begrudge colleagues by media practitioners. WhatsApp groups are created on a daily bases by media practitioners; something I thought could help us unite because one way or the other you find almost the same people on all the groups. But hmmm! “daabi da nt)kwa nkoaa”

In my region ‘we dey feel wanna self waaa’ , you know no we; we know evrytin yet we get nothing for wanna pocket.

We hate to be criticized yet we are the first to criticize. Learning? Hmmm but we are quick to compare ourselves with “Accra People” as we call them.

I’ve been on WhatsApp groups with this people we are always claiming we are better than and “Challey! Them no get time for all these hate talks oo”. With them its all about job, making money and moving forward.

One more observation, Colleagues who have left this region to other regions are doing very well. You meet them and you realise they did not only change their employers but their way of doing things everything changes.

So my question is what’s wrong with our region.

Is it because we are not well paid?

Is it that we don’t have much to do so we have time to hate and talk?

Is it because we envy those in Accra?

Is it the doing of our employers?

Is the region cursed? Lol

I want to know what’s wrong.