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Reasons Why Most Artists Do Not Get Support From The Church



It looks very pathetic seeing how artists struggling to penetrate through the music industry; most especially the *gospel arts*

This situation always takes people aback and make them suggest churches are being mean/wicked towards their own people forgetting the behavioral characters most of this people portray’s in the church

Pastors/ Leaders most often invest in 99.9% of the gospel artists right from the scratch; to learn how to play keyboards, drums and other musical instruments

Some even go to the extent of taken some of these artists to music schools

The moment they begun to know how to handle the microphone, sing in public and get praised by one or two people; then they think that’s all ; from there, they turn to become church vultures ( moving from one church to the other )

Programs will be scheduled and leaders/pastors have to remain half-hoped because of the disloyalty of the singing group ( artists) they have

The supposed artists if the church are always busy praying programs for quick money (shabo ) elsewhere whilst church that trained them is neglected

Pastors and leaders have to hired other people for services or hold services without any instruments

In the other hand , artists who will accept to be in church rapidly will also charge the church to pay an amount of money to maintain them in church

Since these people are working for money,who do you expect to continue investing in them ?

Everyone invest in hope to make a good harvest l believe ….

I remember inviting one minister ( artists) to the church for a program and afterwards l gave him two hundred cedis ( 200.00) ,he insisted l have to add up and l did so ….later he got nomination under one of the awards schemes and sent me a message to help cast votes for him … hahaha

Artists should know better good services render good opportunities and rewards (payment) lf they really expect something better from the church then they should also demonstrate a good service
Ps. Obintumi Owusu Reginald