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Lets Pay Attention To The Lyrics In Our Songs – Naf Kassi To Follow Artiste



Ghanaian musician, Naf Kassi has urged follow musicians in the industry to pay more attention to lyrics in their songs.

According to her, even though most people pays less attention to lyrics nowadays but she still thinks lyrics form part of the reason a song will cement in the industry or expire.

Naf Kassi who recently got three (3) nominations in the upcoming Western Music Awards 2021 made this comment in an interview with Alltunezgh.

“Lyrics matter and are very important. We have to check what we put out, We must appreciate people who write deeply. Unfortunately, in our award schemes, we don’t put the spotlight on that…”

Naf Kassi continued that “We have to be mature in our lyrics, How you’re nurtured shows the kind of person you are just as music. The songs you listen to make you who you are…”

She told the musicians “To those who understand the language, lyrics matters to them [even though] People do things for talk abilities and get the hits. That’s the intent…”