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Sarkodie Accused Of Stealing Lyrics On “No Coiling”



Sarkodie is undoubtedly one of the best rappers in Ghana. In fact he has won the best rapper awards many times.
But it looks as if the rapper has run out of lyrics.

His current song released few days ago have a line that is believed to have been taken from a young rapper by name Mr One.

It’s a wordplay he did in his new tune concerning his Rap being Flawless because it doesn’t touch the floor (Floor less).

Go listen to Mr One’s verse on Big – 6-Cypher Episode one, season two.
A project by Alfred Brain Aborga
A Ghanaian based in Belgium, CEO of

Mr One made that line in the song, most particularly listen carefully at 2:49 to 2:52 of the cypher song.

Sark nailed the ‘No coiling’ song but picking a line most especially a word play from an upcoming artiste is a plus for the guy. This means sark listens To a lot of music but he should sit his ass up and write more lines.