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‘It is the president’s dream to make life easy and bearable for the citizenry and we in the movie industry should not be sidelined’, this was the statement of Kumawood’s renowned actor, Kwaku Manu.
Speaking on Ahotor FM’s mid- day news on Friday 19th January, the actor made it known that the movie industry especially the “Kumawood” industry.

“Most of us [actors and actresses], are located in Kumasi, Accra, Tamale and most of our major cities in the country. We are a huge number that can make up a district and benefit from the major projects and policies initiated by the government. If the government will support this industry as a way of creating employment and growing the economy it will go a long way to help us”

“When you look at the teaming youth of our country you will realize that most of them will love to enter into acting, producing or other activities related to the movie sector, but unfortunately there is no support from the government to roll out such massive support”
“Countries like South Africa, America and India have set funds and allocate support for the industry players in the filled of entertainment specifically, the movie industry”

“Movie making is one aspect of the entertainment arena that can promote the country within the African countries and the world as a whole”He stated.
Kwaku Manu advocated that there should be a movie industry village or hub that will be established by the government to help promote the industry and create jobs for the unemployed youth.