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Will Gospel Singer Doreen Okyere Agree To Be Signed As An Ambassador To An Alcoholic Company?



Doreen Okyere is a Ghanaian gospel musician, songwriter, composer, and an Entrepreneur, she is currently the most talk about Ghanaian gospel artist now, taking the industry by Storm, Doreen had an exclusive interview with Larry on TV Africa’s most watched TV show *#Video Ryde* was monitored by xbills walkergh of

The *“Faithful God”* hitmaker spoke a lot about her music carrier. The show was hosted by Larry Bozz and was asked several questions and Doreen Okyere made it know that it’s time, churches in Ghana start investing in the talented musicians in our churches to spread the word of God through music, she also went further to say that churches should help set a music record labels as other african countries like Nigerian, South Africa has started.

The host once again asked a bombshell question to Doreen okyere, that is she going to allowed a club or Alcoholic company to come to her aid by singing her as an artist for them as an ambassador, the brilliant gospel musician said a big NO to the question explaining further to what she said, Doreen said aside everything she doing for the music industry, the main focus is on Christ, and for her, God uses so many ways to praised himself and to her, she an instrument God is using to speak to many people out there, who have not seen Christ in their life before.
Doreen Okyere stated that everyone can go on her social media platforms to check her works especially on YouTube channel as her latest song Faithful God is trending and gives thanks to God for giving her a great team to work with.
Below is the interview below.