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Your Lyrics Get Me Wet, Emotional Slay Queen Relates To Konana’s “Different Level” Song



The super romantic nature of the song’s x-rated lyrics are emotionally fingering, that at each listen my vj wets out and gets me horny, Mabel confesses after Bad Jam gave her Konana’s “Different Level” to make a selfie video of it for promo.

Mabel had then delayed in delivering the selfie video, breaching the 3 day deadline the deal spelt and Bad Jam had to ask back the cash it paid her as the other girls on the selfie video deal have submitted their videos but hers.

Explaining to FanCross (the producer of “Different Level”, Mabel said that the song quotes some favourite memorial lines that her best ext used to whisper into her ears each he wanted to have s3x with her. The relationship ended because Andy’s ex girlfriend who was then in the States came back for him. How Mabel lost Andy back to Efya, but on his mum’s firm insistence. Tribal differences cited.

Mocking off Mabel’s sad reality over a phone dialogue, Konana jokingly said “e no be our money you go take chop Xmas ooo, refund or still do the video” 🤣. Mabel then arranged a proxy, her kid sister who is also a vixen and submitted a substitute video to kill a bad refund.

Team Bad Jam’s plan is to precede the “Different Level” virtual promo with a dozen vixen hype videos prior to it’s late December release date.