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Abuakwa North: Richard Agyekum Picks NDC Nomination Forms To Contest Parliamentary Race



Richard Asare Agyekum Finally picks Nomination Forms To Contest Abuakwa North NDC Parliamentary race

Mr Richard Agyekum who disclosed his intention to the media called for unity among party members and promised to run a fair and a clean campaign

He also advised his supporters to comport themselves and do a clean campaign in order not to step in the toe of other aspirants

” I have finally picked my nomination forms to contest the election and I urge my followers I mean my supporters to do a clean campaign devoid of any acrimony, since whoever becomes the choice of the electorates will definitely represent the party ahead of the 2024 elections, though am winning the contest but as you know this is an internal election and everything must be positive

Moreover, I conducted a research after the 2020 General Elections deeply, I paid for the research team to do that and I have observed that unity, peace and hardwork are what we need most to be able to capture the seat from the NPP in the constituency . Therefore our internal election should not be something to weaken our peace in achieving the grand agenda

Abuakwa North constituency needs a leader who can lead the battle against the NPP in the area , electorates are fed up with discrimination act of this partisanship politics where by employments are given to only NPP Party members, we can’t continue to fold our hands while the NPP government is helpless to the NDC, we must be unite and fight a good battle this time, said Richard Agyekum

He also explained that, most of the developmental projects in the constituency were realised under the leadership of His Excellency former President John Dramani Mahama and because there is no MP in the ticket of the NDC most of the NDC youth are jobless, I urge the delegates vote me as their leader and I will definitely win election 2024

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