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All the false information about me are not true- Rev.Bohyeba



Most powerful and popular pastor, Bohyeba is now out with prove in order to clear the false news surrounding his church.
Bohyeba have been tag as false man of God since last year when someone claims he was scam by this popular and powerful man of God.
For us to know the whole truth. We decided to visit the Renoun pastor he can clear this false speculations surrounding him.
The information reaching us, proves that,Bohyeba is not a fake pastor but a true man of God.
He said ” people envy me ,especially some of colleagues, i mean some of the pastors in Ghana,and i have found out that ,it a plan that ,they want to use so my church can collapse but i know they God of heaven wil make me stand.
During the discussion, he also stated that,he has is out to clear the false news after his silence.
He said ” i was silent because i was praying about it to God,and was also preparing to clear all the false information at the right time.