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Daddy Lumba look-Alike Anokye Supremo Finally Flies For Medical Attention In India



Highlife musician Anokye Supremo aka Daddy Lumba Jnr. has been suffering from a tumor in his head that has blurred his vision.

According to him, he cannot see with his left eye.

He told in an interview that the whole thing started about a couple of months ago when he experienced severe headache.

“It started in October and I thought it was migraine. I went to the hospital and was told I had a tumor in my head which has caused an enlargement in my left eye,” he said.

At the moment, he is going for an MRI test but according to him, he has been told by his doctors it will take him about Ghs 10, 000 to have a surgery done on the tumour.

Soon after this disclosure, he was again interviewed on KOFI TV where plea was sent to the general public to come to his aid.

As it stands, Supremo was able to raise the money and he has even flown over to India where the operation would be taking place.

Speaking to KOFI TV again, Supremo said he feels better now. Not because of the medicine he has been taking but because of the love Ghanaian have shown him.

He noted that sometimes, one can get healed by virtue of the love he’s shown while on the sick bed.

He used the opportunity to thank Ghanaians at large for their support.