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The public relation officer of Ghana chambers of farmers (GCF) Solomon Tettey has called on President Akufo Addo to support their NGO.

Solomon tettey has issued a concern on the reluctance of the government to help the organization to become one of the credible NGO in Ghana.

According to Solomon Ghana chambers of farmers is an NGO based in Accra and their main objective is to provide technical and financial support to farmers so as to increase their standard and quality of living in the country.
Again he disclosed that,on 5th January 2018, GCF organized a capacity training program for some farmers who are also members of the organization and 236 farmers attended the program.
He stressed that, the theme for the project was “farming; the green gold, he said.

He further emphasized that, last year,some selected farmers benefited from chilli seeds accessibility project and currently some have been giving loans as well.

He lamented that, “one of the things the organization has observed ,most people hurt farming especially the youth are not interested in farming after school and moreover too job opportunities are not available in the country after university but unfortunately, students do not take the advantage of the vast fertile land available in the country so as to be entrepreneur on their own,”he vehemently expressed.

Furthermore, the director of the organization Mr.Bernard Bediako NATO also said that,most people want to be in an air conditioned office after school but always forget there’s a ‘green gold’ somewhere, he stressed.

Also in an interview with the marketing manager of the organization, Mr. Emmanuel Martey,also added that,he never had any interest in farming until his business got worse and a friend encouraged him to venture into farms and this has been good for me and I urged every individual to get involve in farming.

Even though “we have not been in the system for long time but we have been able to get 1000 farmers registered across the country.

Speaking to one of the farmers who also attended the program, Jackson Fullah also expressed his thought about the organization,”we thought we were doing the right things as farmers but this training has really helped shaped us and we thank GCF for their financial and technical support for farmers.

The farmers also raised some challenges about farm tractors and availability of agro product and also entreat government to support GCF for them to be able to supply their needs.

“We are expecting our partners,silver stag and stand international from Scotland this week to deliberate on this years’ project.

Ghana chamber of farmers plead with prez Akufo Addo and his government to come to their aid so that they can also support farmers and also help in economic growth and development.

Story by Portia oduro