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George Quaye is just a talkactive-Okreku Mantey



The plot for this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) thickens every passing day and surely, the incessant talk on matters connected to the scheme will linger until a month or so after the organization of the awards night in April.
George Quaye, who is Communications Head for Charterhouse, has also been the official spokesperson for the VGMA Board in the last 2 editions or so – but another Board Member says otherwise, can state!
Mark Okraku Mantey, speaking on Hitz FM stated emphatically that George speaks for Charterhouse, organizers of the VGMA, and not the Board.
Mark called the actuality of every industry person knowing George as Communications Head for Charterhouse and spokesperson for the Board an impression.
“The impression is that he speaks for the VGMA, he does not speak for the VGMA Board. He speaks for Charterhouse,” he stressed.
Shockingly, he went on to state that, throughout the years, George has never been appointed to speak for the Board.
“Throughout, he is not the one supposed to communicate for the Board. In case he did, it was wrong.”
He had a few words on George’s communication style too.
“Let’s face facts, he is a talkative. He has a Masters in Communication, but sometimes, he gets carried away.”
He stated that, perhaps, George’s role as Charterhouse’s spokesman gets him to speak on VGMA –related issues and, because most industry folks are more comfortable with him, they go to him for information.
He went on to clarify how the system of communication works at the VGMA Board, stating that, the Board designates particular persons to talk on VGMA matters.
“Every year, the Board designates particular people to talk on VGMA matters. Sometimes, they are not communicated,” he said.
According to him, he and fellow Board Member, Nii Ayi Tagoe, have been assigned to speak for the VGMA Board on all matters relating to categorization, nomination and selection of winners.

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