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Highlife Music Will Takeover The World Soon- Akonta Gh



Our young musicians do not fancy the highlife sound but rather projecting other sounds which are not truly Ghanaian. Some do this for commercial reasons as these foreign sounds have great demand in the world market than our highlife.

However we need a conscious effort to rally behind our Highlife sound to make it great again as it was in the days of Osibisa who conquered the world with highlife and our highlife legends who conquered Nigeria and some African countries some time ago.

In view of this, Akonta Gh a Ghanaian rising musician has taken upon himself to project Highlife music to the world, even though there are a lot of other vibrant genres combating highlife, he strongly believes if we unit we can conquer the world with highlife.

“ I see a lot of young Ghanaian musicians now professing they’re highlife musicians which is a good thing, we need a lot of our young musicians to support the highlife agenda and soon we will takeover the world “

Akonta Gh made these pronouncements on Atinka Fm in an interview with Don Stiga on Entertainment Gallery.

Akonta Gh is currently promoting his new song “Ago Do Am”.Watch Akonta Gh “Ago Do Am” video below: