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Ghanaian gospel artist Vicky Brako who also doubles as a teacher has spoken and outlined the need for the government and every individual to up hold and respect the good works of teachers. To her she feels it’s of time the needed attention and support should be allocated to all and every individual who has taken teaching ad their profession.

Expressing her feelings, she lamented that, teaching is far way better than any other profession as such she really doesn’t understand why people will abandon the teaching profession for any other thing. Blaming the government or state for looking down on such a noble profession and making it less attractive for people to perdue forgetting that the high profile personalities that is; the President, the MPs, the Lawyers and other people of the same social class were all and are benefitting from the works and efforts of teachers.

Now promoting her new singles titled ‘ Jesus by my side’ and ‘Adom no nti’ which she both features industry counterpart Selina Boateng, she explained that under no circumstance will she put any profession or her music career ahead of teaching.
“You see, it is really unfair for members of Parliament and other profiles to be paid higher than teachers because we impact the knowledge onto them. And for those who abandon the teaching work after amassing huge sums of money are not called by God into the profession either than that they would have still remained and continued to teach”. She stated.

It is of no doubt that Vicky Brako is a top notch musician and has impacted so many lives and souls with her songs. Fans and lovers of her ministerial work should watch out for her yet to be released second album titled ‘Aseda Vol 11’.