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Is Our National Health Insurance Really Working In Our Ghana Today?



Per the gargantuan noise, debate, and daily discussions on various political shows on radio and television from both the ruling and the opposition parties about this service, made me believe it’s working for the good people of Ghana.

Surprisingly, National Health Insurance is nothing to write home about.
Shockingly, what I thought could drastically reduce hospital bills rather covers ONLY “card bill”.

Hmmmm it is so sad and pathetic that what we thought could save us, is rather killing us.

The questions are many, but the answer is always the same… (Is in the pipeline).

What does National Health Insurance cover?

Is it only for card billings?

Is it functioning at all? Etc.

I believe in President Nana Addo and the NPP administration and so, I humbly draw their attention to the flaws in our “National Health Insurance” from some government hospitals.

The poor are really suffering at the various hospitals.

Sad though, but I strongly believe God’s promises about Ghana will someday come to light. But until then, our leaders should first have the good citizens in heart and do things to better their welfare.

Am in tears writing this piece but for the “poor” and the love for my country, I have to do this.

Sickness should not be wished for even “a dog” how much human. “Yaree ye ya” ampa.

May God have mercy on the poor souls and bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong.

Christian Oppong (A journalist and a concerned citizen)