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Let’s take power in our hands and forget NPP, NDC – Sarkodie supports A-Plus’ party



Celebrities have started paying more attention to the current affairs of the country.

While majority have expressed dissatisfaction, others have decided to take up certain initiatives like calling out politicians to make living conditions better for citizens.

Sarkodie is one of those who has taken to social media to tout his dissatisfactory towards politicians.

The ‘Choices’ crooner in a tweet stated that it was time to change the two leading parties, NDC and NPP, because they are not helping the country in any way.

He encouraged Ghanaians to come together and select one person to take control.

The prolific rapper has thus supported musician and political analyst, A-Plus, who has shown obvious signs of his interest in politics.

A-Plus was a follower of NPP and constantly praised His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo, however, he has also shown disappointment in the party recently.

He has on numerous occasions, expressed his displeasure with governance under the ruling NPP and the various scandalous cases.

To him, both the NDC and NPP are the same and only interested in “loot and share” politics.

The outspoken musician has introduced The People’s Party which he claims seeks the interest of Ghanaians as its primary focus.

He has called on many Ghanaians to join.

According to Sarkodie, “I love the concept. I support it. Need more details on how it works…So we can all join and have the power to decide whp stays in power”.